Top Pet Fighting Games To Play Today

When we think of pet games, we only think of adorable pets that we have to take care of and nothing more. However, there are a few games where the cute pets fight against each other. If you are one such person that would find a game like that interesting then this post is for you. Read on.

1. Magic Pet Fight

Arguably the number one cute pet fighting game you can find on the internet today. In this game, you will choose a pet that you want to pit against another in a fight. You will then have the task of controlling your favorite pet to ensure he or she wins the match. You progress through the levels by winning fights against bigger and stronger pets. Additionally, you will strengthen your pet along the way as you advance the levels.

2. Pet Battle

A deviation from normal pet fighting games, Pet Battle combines a shooting game experience with cute pets to make for the ultimate pet fighting game. In this game, your objective as the player is to guide your character with his or her pet through a world with enemies. You have to shoot to kill all other

enemies who will include animals and other pets as well. At all times, you also need to protect your pet against any harm as you fight the enemies.

3. Pet Fight

Pet Fight is an addictive pet game that players can engage in online or download to their devices. In this game, the player fights against other players in a quest to win over territory with cute pets. The fact that this game is multiplayer is what makes it the most amazing pet game that you can play. It also has very interactive chat rooms where players can form small communities.